Robots versus latino servants – Lightly Braised Turnip

Machines Versus Latino Servants — Showdown ! ! !

Advances in robotics means that the U.S. faces a hard choice on whether to shift from Latino servants to machines. The LBT’s Schultz and Katzenberg duke it out to find the answer.


Published August 11, 2014

Two seemingly unstoppable forces gather steam in these United States.  They are on a collision course.  On the one hand, advances in computing and robotics are reaching a point where robots may soon perform many of the tasks that previously only could be performed by humans.  At the same time, U.S. welcomes an unprecedented number of unskilled and impoverished Latino laborers to the untold millions already here.  

Thus, a question stares America in the face.  Do we continue to rely upon our Latino servant class to perform our manual labor?  To pick our grapes?  To clean our toilets?  To care for our elderly?  To fry our french fries?  Or do we ask them to return to their homelands and hasten the “rise of the machines”?

Two of The LBT’s commentators will try to resolve this controversy by analyzing a number of important metrics.


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