Sandra Fluke Gets Flucked – Lightly Braised Turnip

50 Shades of Black: Mysterious Suitor Tells Story Of Steamy Encounter With Sandra Fluke Following Speech At DNC

Published September 6, 2012
By CHRISTIAN BLACK, Special Contributor to The LBT

My name is Christopher Black.  I am 27-years-old, remarkably handsome I am told, somewhat reserved and extraordinarily wealthy by any standard.  I write my story about the evening of September 5, 2012 after much deliberation.  You see, I am a very private man.  With my wealth however comes great responsibility to the public.

So after lengthy meetings with my capable attorneys in New York and via telephone in Los Angeles and Zurich, I decided to tell my story to The LBT on the condition that no one must see my face, my name be altered and my identity protected.  The LBT has agreed to wire a confidential amount of money to a village in a remote corner of Tanzania that I support in exchange for my story.

Experience As Youth With Tennis Pro

I suppose I better start at the beginning.  When I was 15 years of age, my mother’s tennis instructor challenged me to a game of tennis in the nude while my parents were traveling abroad.  She was an attractive woman in the prime of her life.  I can still see her breasts bouncing in the sun with tiny beads of perspiration forming on them.  After she proved victorious, she forced me to bend over the net while she served tennis balls at my legs and buttocks.  It was humiliating.  Yet it was exhilarating.  I left with welts all over my bottom and an insatiable desire for rough play that would only grow stronger each passing year.

Trip To DNC With Bill Clinton

Many years later, I was invited by former president Bill Clinton to donate money to the Democratic Party and attend the DNC with him.  He knew that the party could use someone with my youthful attractiveness and means at the convention.  Also, he asked that I give him a ride in my helicopter, and of course I obliged.  My helicopter is a special kind that is beyond the means of all but a handful of individuals.

When I picked up Bill, I noticed a certain spring in his step.  He lives for these affairs.  He brought a little Asian number with him like so many older white men.  She bounced on his lap as he told me about a Ms. Fluke – a rather simple young woman from a middle class upbringing.  She would be speaking about contraception or a woman’s right to it and so forth.  I was not sure what she was so worked up about.

Fluke Speaks

Then the convention – Sandra appeared glowing when she took the podium.  She was not beautiful mind you.  She appeared ethnic – perhaps Greek – and was easily 10 years past her prime.  Her build was sloped shoulders and a little too thick everywhere.  She wore almost no make-up even though she could have used it.

When she opened her mouth, I heard a man speaking in a woman’s voice.  I heard a stridency I had never heard before in a woman.  The government owed her contraceptives.  It was not fair that she could get pregnant while a man cannot.  What was her government going to do about it?  The government had to make it even!

After all of the fury of her speech, one would never have guessed that she uses the timing method.

The tension in her body was palpable.  She was craving for release.  I could see that the tension in this woman had been growing for months or even years.  Her muscles were taut.  Her motions were stiff and not fluid.  She needed to be forced to submit to a man and suffer while she experienced ecstacy.  After all of the fury of her speech, one would never have guessed that she uses the timing method.

Meeting Backstage

My personal coordinator Monica Steele called on my cell phone to tell me that President Obama’s social secretary simply demanded that I meet this Ms. Fluke after she finished.  When she did, I strode my powerful, athletic frame to the back of the stage.  The moment Sandra and I locked eyes, she knew she was mine.

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