I Hate Boob Jobs-2 – Lightly Braised Turnip

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So what is motivating these women?  Sadly, their own selfishness plays a large part.  Women that get boob jobs are selfish.  They are selfish because they practice false advertising and trickery at the expense of the man willing to commit to her.

They also – so we understand medical science – risk not being able to breast feed as easily or at all because the breast tissue is damaged.  This might be the most selfish aspect of all, and the best reason why boob jobs do not speak well of our American women.  What healthy woman would risk depriving her unborn child mother’s milk so that she can slut it up with the man of her choice during one her drunken one night stands?  Isn’t it bad enough our women sacrifice their best years to maximize their “Girls Night Outs”?  They must also take their breasts?

Ladies, perhaps when you were children our dear Mr. Rogers should have had a song especially to prepare you for your breasts.  Perhaps then not a single skanky American female would destroy one of nature’s most precious creations.  Surgically lift them if you must.  Just don’t put silly puddy orbs in them.

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