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A New Study Bursts Old Stereotypes About Erectile Dysfunction And Points To Unattractive Spouses

A new study shows that many if not most men that experience erectile dysfunction (or “ED”) are reacting to the unattractiveness of their spouses.  The findings come as a blow to the pharmaceutical companies and may have some couples examining their relationships.  [More]


NASA To Use Red Bull Tech For Space Station Trips


Redbull might have started 2012 as the seller of caffeine drinks for buzz-heads, but it might end it as an integral part of America’s space program.


Study: Flossing Does Not Prevent Tooth Decay/Gum Loss


CHICAGOIn dental offices all over the world, patients are often told they are not flossing enough or instructed to floss more.  Following a new study, patients might start answering: “Why don’t you go floss yourself.”



Shuttle Stowaway Steals Hearts Of L.A. And Opens Minds 


On its 26th and final mission to its resting place in a museum, Shuttle Endeavor had its most unlikely traveler: a nine-year-old stowaway named “Lester.”


Mars Rover Makes Curious Find And Raises Questions


Rover Curiosity sent back photos with an unexpected relic in the background, marking the second time in six months the Mars program published questionable photos.


Ear Hair Distresses But May Save Humans


Since the ancient Romans, ear hair has vexed men and a few unlucky women.  Scientists speculate that ear hair may be more than a cosmetic blight.  In fact, it might save us from asteroids.




The cost of courtship goes up year after year. To get to first base case require a second mortgage for less attractive suitors. One economist claims that self-stimulation saves so much money that it just might make you rich.


Image Of Truck In Recently Released Mars Rover Photos Embarases NASA And Energizes Conspiracy Buffs

A scandal has tarnished the Mars rover project, one of the few bright spots in  recent years for the NASA space agency.

The controversy began after approximately 300 images were released to the public last week.  An amateur astronomer and hobbyist follower of the rover project, Andrew Lefkowitz, 11, of Bethesda, Maryland noticed a strange object in the background.  Using his computer, Lefkowitz magnified the object and found an unusual object – a 1920s Ford Model “A” pickup truck.  Astronomy experts at three universities have confirmed the finding.  The object has caused speculation that the rover project is a merely a ploy to keep NASA funding from drying up completely after the shuttering of the shuttle program.  [More]

“If I Find Justin Bieber Sexy, That Don’t Make Me Gay Or Nothin’…  Does it?”


 SANTA MARINO – A study published in July’s edition of Modern Sociology Journal reaches a shocking conclusion: many men that live “straight” lives find teen crooner Justin Bieber to be “sexy.”  Even more impressively, when Bieber is dressed in a wig and makeup a whopping 82-percent of men classified him as “sexy.”

The study’s main author is Santa Marino College Professor Mati Norgaard.  “What this shows is that male sexuality is much more malleable than men are willing to admit,” said Norgaard.   [More]


 It’s Not In My Head Doc, It’s In YOUR Head

Boston, MA – “In my head, doc?  How about your head?”  At least that is what a new study says about doctors who attribute patients’ symptoms to a psychological problem.  According to a Boston University study, 48 percent of doctors misdiagnose symptoms as “in your head” as a self-defense mechanism when they fail to diagnose illness.

The study also said 28 percent of doctors surveyed said their doctor friends default to “it’s in your head,” and what’s even more alarming is that 60 percent of patients listen to these same doctors.  [More]

According To Researchers Modern Leaf Blowers Have Deep Roots In Mexican Heritage And Can Be Traced To Aztec Religious Ritual

Panoramic image of temples north of Mexico City.The piñata.  The taco.  The siesta.  The leaf blower.  Wait a minute, the leaf blower?  Yes, the leaf blower.  According to at least one researcher, the leaf blower is also a part of Mexican tradition.  In fact, the leaf blower likely can be traced to the pre-colonial era Mexico.

With the growth of Latino horticulture in the Sun Belt states, Rosa Alonzo-Diego, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program at Sonoran College in Casa Grande, Arizona believes that Latino gardeners are using a tool that can be traced to the ancient Aztec civilization.  “I have no doubt the leaf blower can be traced to the Aztecs,” said Prof. Alonzo-Diego.  According to Alonzo-Diego, the Aztecs used a pre-gasoline motor leaf blower in their sacrificial rituals.  [More]




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