Women Should Aim Lower In Dating Men-2 – Lightly Braised Turnip

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Okay, ladies, are you still with me?  Now let’s pretend that the cars are all those pitiable single men that have been courting you all these years. 

[Y]ou do not have time to play with men that do not really want you.”

Before the 1980s or perhaps the 1990s, young women were told to scrutinize men for their seriousness.  In other words, were these men serious about a long-term relationship or were they merely interested in a short-term fling.  Now women are encouraged to “explore” throughout their 20s and even their early 30s.  Even if a man just wants to use them for sex this is no problem because they have all the time in the world to find that “nice guy” who will accept them for their few remaining pre-menopausal years and beyond.

I’m saying in this piece to the women that emphatically “NO!” you do not have time to play with men that do not really want you.  You do not have time to lease that bright red Ferrari convertible.  You only have so much currency in the bank and the reality is is that your currency – your beauty and your fertility that is a reflected by it –  is only diminishing.  Every year you spend sleeping with men that will not commit to you depletes your currency and distorts your view of your own worth on the marriage market.

[Men] want a useful, sexy woman who will support them and love them and not because you could no longer driver that faster, louder Ferrari.”

Also, your “worth” is not what you can drive this very moment.  It is what you can drive for the long term and ideally for the rest of your life.  The sexy and exciting men with whom you had one night stands or short flings might be out of your league for genuine relationships.  Can we acknowledge that women have “leagues” as well as those sad, pathetic single men that get dumped on all the time in popular culture?  You need to think about accepting less even if you have been conditioned to wanting more.

Consider: unlike in my hypothetical, you are not earning any more currency – you are losing currency every day through sun exposure, alcohol consumption, late nights in the office or just the passage of time.  Men do not care about your promotions or your real-life bank accounts.  Most of you think they do, but they really don’t.  They want a youthful, sexy woman who will support them and love them and not because she could no longer driver that faster, louder Ferrari.

This means that right now you need to decide that perhaps you should not lease a Ferrari.  Perhaps you are not so exceptional, but this is okay.  Audis are wonderful cars.  And there are many wonderful men that truly want to be with you and will dependably carry you to your life’s mutual destinations.  Start accepting them… before you blow all your cash on rentals.

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