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University of California To House 20,000 Central American Migrants In Trailers On Two UC Campuses – Page 2


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Republican House Speaker John Boehner expressed skepticism for the plan.  “When I went to college, the professors were old enough to read and write,” he said while leaving his office in the Capital Building.  “But if this is how the White House wants to house these children, then I suppose that is their prerogative,” he added.

Some parents of UC students at the Berkeley and Santa Cruz campuses have expressed concern about exposure to diseases such as tuberculosis.  Nurses have told reporters that there are children showing classic tuberculosis symptoms — spitting up blood, a constant cough and chest pain. 

While confirming their had been three cases of tuberculosis, Department of Homeland Security head Jeh Johnson said this weekend on Fox News Weekend it was not unusual to have tuberculosis cases in a large population.  Johnson also noted that tuberculosis cases are common on those college campuses not even without providing refugee housing.  “College students get all kinds of bugs,” he said.  “We need to worry just as much about the refugees catching something from the students.” 

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