Pull Out Of South Korea And Deal With Kim Jong-Un – Lightly Braised Turnip

How could he do this?  By submarine, by boat, by truck, by mule and then by a bunch of Mexicans with a flatbed truck masquerading as a landscaping crew.  If 1 million George Lopez’s can traipse through our southwestern desert every year, a wise man might conclude that the North Koreans could figure out a way to get an atomic bomb into the country.

This leads to the primary focus of this piece: Get our troops out of South Korea.  Once our people are out of the way we can mercilessly bomb Kim Jong-un’s regime.  If North Korea invades South Korea, that is South Korea’s problem – not ours.  After all, this is their peninsula and their people.  Sure, our neighbors in Koreatown will fret but this is too important.  Our Cold War is over, and that was the reason we ever fought there.

As long as we have 20,000 US troops on that peninsula, our hands are tied.  We either fight a bloody war or we sit and watch while Kim Jong-un and his cronies develop the technology to kill millions of us or blackmail us for the rest of our existence

Keeping the Pakistanis from killing us were sharing their atomic weaponry with their unsavory terrorist friends has not been a cakewalk.  Who knows how unpleasant keeping Kim Jong-un happy would be?  Our window is closing, and the only option is to get our people out and to let the bastard know this time we mean business.  If he does not relent finally, in the words of The Gipper himself: “We begin bombing in five minutes.”

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