Weiner Is LBT’s Choice For Mayor – Lightly Braised Turnip

Weiner Before; Weiner Now

The Jewish Candidate’s Sex Games Should Excite New York Voters, Not Drive Them Away, Because They Could Mean Huma Gets Kicked To The Curb


New York (LBT) –  “Quit isn’t the way we roll in New York City,” Anthony Weiner said in his minute-long video posted on his campaign website.

Indeed, quit is not the way we roll in these United States, and it should never be.  Anthony Weiner has shown courage in the face of perhaps unprecedented attacks on his moral character.  These attacks are wrong and Weiner’s so-called transgressions as irrelevant as the dried mess on Monica Lewinsky’s dress.

Our largest city needs a man of action.  It needs a man of virility.  It needs Weiner.

We endorsed Weiner before this unfair imbroglio broke.  Nothing that has come out changes our minds.  How does flirting with women of age over the internet hurt anyone?  We fail to see how Weiner could be labeled “sexist.”

Let us look at what Weiner allegedly did.  Allegedly, Weiner took more picture of his namesake and traded photos with young women and jollied himself.  Is this not healthy male activity? 

The only person that might have a right to protest would be Mrs. Weiner – a Muslim extremist harpy that could play Cruella DeVille in the next live-action Disney production of “101 Dalmations” – without any makeup.

New York contains many Jewish voters.  If anything, they should rejoice that their Jewish mayoral candidate distances himself from his radical Muslim spouse.  Maybe Weiner’s sputum has more patriotism than he does and would prefer to end up under his desk than inside Huma Abedin’s vaginal walls.

If we were a sperm, we would feel this way.  Maybe Weiner’s weiner – and even its owner – is having second thoughts about Huma.  Thus, we say more loudly than ever: “Anthony Weiner for mayor!”

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